FPV Trick Competition - Grind 12/11/22 to 05/02/23

cow pat! :rofl:

Didn’t know @steviegeek used to be the Pope. :rofl:

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HaHa I see what you mean!, he is a handsome guy isn’t he :star_struck:

You can turtle the DJI FPV? wow… I won’t be using mine for the grind, lol

Or if it lands on it’s arse in the grass😂
Oh and turtle mode is programmable to one of the C buttons on the controller…

I went out early this morning and did a bit of practice. So close and yet so far.

Cheers to Skid Row for allowing me to use “Slave to the Grind”.
Jeers to David Lee Roth for wasting my time by blocking my video for using “Bump and Grind”.

Only did a couple of packs before deciding it was probably a bit too soggy and I should quit while everything was still working.