FPV Trick Competition - Grind 12/11/22 to 05/02/23

Yeah, it was around the time I got my first real 6 string :laughing:

Standin’ on your mama’s porch

This could go on a while :wink:

A bit of a quiet one, due to the cold poor weather and festive break.
But some hardened nuts braved the harsh temperatures (well, @Yith had his central heating on) to give this trick a go.


A big well done to these three entries, this is definitely not an easy trick to try, and come out the other side undamaged.


Please vote for your favourite trick, voting ends Friday, where the winner will get to choose the next one.

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All ballsy attempts and I think each has their merits - love sliding up the gun case and Earwig chose the hardest slide. And… you’re all braver than I am!


Thank you everyone who voted for me. And congratulated me. Erm.

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Well done @notveryprettyboy A slplendid effort, even though it was more of a skid on a container.
Please choose your next FPV trick!

For the bold and the fearless


This is yet another trick I can’t seem to get my head around.
The REWIND. This is my choice.

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If it’s this I’d better start ordering spares :joy:

Wow :hushed:

These should give you the stick movements, then it’s just a matter of hitting Liftoff. Ejects are pretty cool too. I’m trying to learn the side lock rewind in Liftoff.