FPV Trick Competition - Juicy Flick

Good evening my fellow FPV pilots.

Aka the scum of the drone world, the kings of the crashes, the chimps of society.

Our illustrious winner of the Split S competition has decreed that the next trick will be the Juicy Flick.


When executed cleanly, this move looks very nice. Very Juicy!

giphy (23)

This move comprises of a quick pitch forward 180 and then a slow cinematic 180 roll.

It looks tricky, but depending how clean your moves are executed, it is fairly simple.

As always, get some height and practise. Also, if you can, lets see some imagination in the move.

Due to the time of year, feel free to submit simulator entries.

The competition will run until the end of the year. Good luck Guys!



Sim practice for me until I rebuild my quad with a new frame


Ah I see so that’s why sim entries are allowed huh :smirk:

Am I allowed to go full Blue Peter on this?

Are you going to build a new quad out of old toilet roll inserts, cotton wool buds, bluetac and pva glue?

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That’s what yith is for :joy:

I meant upload one I did over the weekend :eyes:

Will be good for an idea of how to do it :grinning: you’ll have to do it again for the comp though :grin:

Boooohiss I don’t wanna have to go outside AGAIN

Honestly it’s just a split s in reverse, the hard part is getting it to look good

Also just a thought, does the trick setter get to take part?

Everyone gets to take part :star_struck:

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Alright cool, I’ll try get one in the week. Will be DVR footage this time as my action cam is fried.

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Dvr is better for the comp. You can have your name etc on the footage. Plus it gives you a real world view like you’re looking directly through the goggles. I like that :grinning:

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Do you guys fly around with your name on the osd all the time or just put it on for this stuff?

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To be honest I’ve never had it on the display before. I put it on for this and I’m too lazy to keep taking it off and putting it back on so it will now stay there until I need a new flight controller :laughing:

Yeh I have as little as possible on mine and still wish I could have less. Wonder if some people forget who they are while flying?

I know I would if it wasn’t on my osd :exploding_head: lol

If you don’t fly DJI that is :rofl:

I don’t really notice the osd when flying. But good to have the voltage. Always got my name on it.

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I don’t think you can do this with a Mavic.

I do and I don’t, I wish I could make it so things only pop up when relevant like warnings do though.

You can put osd on a switch