Free to a good home: Zenmuse X5 Vibration Absorbing Board

I like this site and would like to make a contribution to a member. I’ll pay shipping and want no remuneration (geld, do re mi, moolah, ching ching, tuppence, qiods. euros, etc.)
But, I’d like to at least have the person who gets it be a worthy recipient that may need one but has been hesitant to purchase because we are all nuts spending money on these frivolous, but necessary, toys. LOL

Let me know if you need it, and send address.


If I knew what it was, I might be able to tell you if I needed one :joy::joy::joy:


It’s a special board for the I1 that enables using the X5 instead of the existing X3 replacing existing mount; apparently needed for the extra weight/movement/inertia of the heavier gimbal. Only thing missing are the 4 (4) plastic feet that extend the gear by about 3/4? inch. It’s stupidly not cheap, but needed for the X5 upgrade apparently.


I1 = Inspire 1

X3 and X5 = two camera models that fit to it.

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I find it difficult to believe that I can’t give away this mount, which as I best remember was near 200 USD, and I’d pay shipping. Ah well, reminds me of my old office manager and her husband who put 4 good automobile tires in front of home, with a sign that said . . . EXCELLENT TIRES, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO TAKE THEM. They sat for a few days. They changed the sign to : EXCELLENT USED TIRES, 15 DOLLARS APIECE, 50 DOLLARS FOR ALL FOUR. They were stolen that evening.


And of course the X3 variant, Z3 as well.

We had exactly the same scenario white a child’s bike. My daughter had out grown it, virtually new, advertised it as free. I was messed around so much it was unbelievable so withdrew the add, then relisted it for £30, sold and collected within hours, unbelievable.

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I think I can count on one hand the number of GADC members with an Inspire 1 @jmp00001 :blush:

It’s an amazing offer though, thank you :+1:t2:

I am also infrequently on the DJI website/forums and the Inspirepilots forums; what is the predominant drone on this site? I like it a lot, folks don’t have a rod up their arse like on the USA sites and generally don’t seem to take themselves so seriously as on the other sites.

Trawled the “drones owned” data about 2 months back and it gave somewhere around 33% M2 (P & Z), 30% MP, 13% Phantoms (P1>P2>P3>P4), 8% MA, … and all Inspires about 4% that’s split about equally between 1, 2 and “not specified”.