Frist try at Drone Photography

My first attempts of taking HDR and Stitched shots for Blyth in Northumberland. Using a ND8 filter on the lens.
Comments for improvement welcome


Hi there!

For the 1st photo, it would be better either with more sky or less sky. A tiny sliver of sky/horizon always looks awkward to me.

For the 2nd photo, probably improved with 2/3 of the height filled with sky, and 1/3 sea, given that there’s little visual interest in the sea and no obvious single point of interest to draw attention. The 1/3-2/3 rule is always a good starting point.

For the last one, the feature in the bottom (outfall?) is less interesting than the sky, sea, and patterns of water flowing across the sand, so I’d be tempted to cropy out the lower part of the image. More sky would be good.


I would agree with kevetner’s coments. One thing to add, why did you use an ND filter? I believe that generally they are used mostly for video to get the shutter speed down to as close as double the video frame fps as possible to get motion blur (2xfps = shutter speed) or in photography to allow slow shutter speed to get movement in the photo but usually on a tripod for moving water car light trails etc so you could get blurry pictures on a windy day, hope this helps. Great start though, it’s hard using a drone for photography at the best of times

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2nd and 3rtd Pictures could be done as printed pictures and see if anyone wants to buy them say make aan Etsy store and look at differennt sizes and differenttt paper, framed not frame mmake a litttle business out of it :slight_smile: