From Shropshire

Just posting the first video I put together -just to say ‘hi’ and show where I am. It is shot on the Mini, and for the record, I know it is too long and slow. And there is terrible burn out on the sky part way through.

Perhaps worst of all is including myself in the shot at the end. I notice people don’t do this so I guess it is bad form so sorry about that.


Love that music. Dinner Jazz?

Loved that Ron, the music suited it to the ground (hills, whatever)
Glad you sorted the link to utube

Thanks, I should have credited the music. It’s Chris Botti: Nearness of You

Thanks Chris, I think I am finding my way round now. Am also trying to get to grips with some new (still free) editing software.

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Lovely video, however, as you rightly pointed out the circle around yourself is totally unacceptable!!!:wink::wink:
I, of course, didn’t ever commit a faux pas like that :grin::grin::grin:

Ha, same pose - and that disoriented look wondering where the damn thing is, :rofl:

Where is that - Dales?

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Northumberland :grin:

Excellent video from a fantastic area,I was there recently.

Enjoyed that greatly - good to see where others fly/live. I reckon its good to have yourself in shot somewhere now & again - makes it more personal.

Thank you Ted. Looking at my other couple of vids I seem to be everywhere :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Its ok - when you fly every day and stop looking at the sticks, everything suddenly gets smoother - its just about experience and confidence. Im a bag of nerves in the ULK cos I’m used to windless skies every day and no obstacles lol

Just a general remark if I may, I’m not chastising anyone here but at 1.23 those ewes start to scatter, not a lot and I have certainly seen far worse, But they might well be in-lamb. Please do not get too low when flying near livestock. Thank you.

Yes good point. This was shot back in January and my first run with sheep nearby. They are starting to lamb now.

Thank you @Darter for taking my comments in the way that they were intended. I was just using the opportunity to remind everyone that ewes can be in-lamb, cows can be in-calf, horses can be in-foal, and so on. They seem to be able to hear our drones much better than we humans can at a similar distance. Safe and happy flying to you and despite the current Covid19 troubles I wish everyone a Happy Easter.

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