Frome, Somerset

Hi all, I live in Frome, Somerset and am looking for great and legal places to fly my drone. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Somerset is full of great places, I’m from Somerset too and there’s plenty around me, coastal spots mainly but there are a few inland like Glastonbury, street areas also exmoor is a good place.

I have never been to Frome so I have no idea what is there, but looking on the DJi Fly app there are no restricted zones in that area (so long as you don’t go any further east towards Salisbury plain area). So I would say that so long as you stick to the standard drone code you should be okay to film anywhere around there. Buy as @McSteamy2010 says, there are some amazing places to go and fly.

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look for your local waterways, I always find they lead to some of the best footage.