FRZ Permissions

For the many of you that would not have read my first post in the introductions section, I am getting my first decent drone this weekend, namely the DJI Mini 2. I have been reading as much as I can about all the new laws and requirements needed to be able to fly it safely and without landing on the wrong side of the law. I stay in quite a rural location and am surrounded by hills and fields, perfect for practising, or so I thought. It turns out I am on the flight path for runway 09-27 for Perth Airport!!!
So last night I spent some time composing an email with all the relevant info like maps of where my house is and the heights of the hills surrounding it, my house is 120mtrs above sea level and the hills 150 to 160mtrs. I have offered to restrict my flight to no more than 30mtrs from take off height meaning I’ll never be above the top of the hills and therefore not interfere with any aircraft.

As I composed this post I had a call from a friend who works in the maintenance dep’t (his dad is also the manager) asking me why I want to fly a drone in my garden and had a little chuckle to himself. Turns out he and the guy in charge of the tower were having a laugh at my rather lengthy, boring and thorough email, then my mate realised it was from me. I now have permission to fly within 150mtr radius of my house as long as I keep below the height of the hills and phone the control tower to give them advance warning of when I want to fly, happy days :smile:
Just waiting on a confirmation email for my records in case anyone ever confronts me.


Will DJI let you fly there? :thinking:

I thought you could override that?

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Just apply to have it unlocked on the DJI website - Self Unlocking - Fly Safe - DJI though I think you’d need to do it each time you fly.

Turns out I can’t do a self unlock as it is in a red zone. Once I get the email from airport operator I can submit that to DJI along with some other info, they will then review everything and approve or deny the unlocking. Bit of a faff about but it is what it is. I don’t have to fly it from home, would just be useful for practising without having to drive somewhere.

I’ve unlocked a few red zones for flights (after getting permission from ATC) using the link I posted. I didn’t need to submit anything to DJI other than to say I was taking responsibility for my flight.

Thanks for the info Drumsagard, I’ll give it a try when I get the mini in my hands.

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Just been on the DJI Fly Safe site and according to their map I’m in a waning zone only so all I’ll get from the software is a warning. No need to unlock anything.

Excellent news :smiley:


Batteries charged, everything calibrated and control tower called to ask permission. Been told to make sure I keep below maximum height as there are several helicopters doing leisure tours round the area and they are flying lower than normal. Just got to cut an acre of grass before I can start playing :slight_smile: