Full Betaflight OSD Now Working DJI V2 Goggle Root Hack

Just found this video from Bardwell. Awesome news! The fpv WTF devs have finally got full Betaflight OSD working (plus other new features) on the DJI V2 Goggles when they have been rooted. Ive just had a quick watch and it looks fairly straightforward to implement :star_struck:

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Bad boy he was told not to release it yet :grinning:

Live in 3 days is no good! We want it now Wayne! :laughing:

He will be pissed about that Im sure lol he was late to the party on the Walksnail/Fatshark release too :grimacing:

Interesting, Bardwell has posted a comment on his video about MadsTech’s video which is apparently an interview with the fpv WTF devs

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That’s why they said to him wait till the official release

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I do get the feeling that Bardwell and MadsTech have a little beef going on behind the scenes

Ian is a little dry and matter of fact. Don’t think Americans understand him

I would hang fire for now

29 minutes ago
Yeah, let’s hope there are no bricks. We have so many fail-safes in place - I mean, never say never…

Yeah I wont be doing it until the weekend at least, I procrastinate in the evenings :laughing:

Is this any good for you boys

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Ive looked at Maple Wireless patch antennas before, theyre supposed to be good but bloody expensive lol

$10 from the link on the vid

Interesting not seen SoloGoodRC before, have you used them Wayne? Im guessing its a Chinese company?

Never used then just came across it before Steve

It’s unlisted :wink:


You can tell its a little less rushed and a bit more thought and detail has gone into MadTechs video :smile:

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