Fun and Friendly Edit Challenge - 11th May - CLOSED

For the above :arrow_up: :arrow_up: :arrow_up: - the poll picture I’m mentioning is mine, It may or may not have scored more points if it were reproduced as the original, it certainly wasn’t going to be a winner. I’m just curious as to how the picture reproduces so differently in the poll.

Sorry about that old chap, I am downloading it again to see where I went wrong. They were all treated exactly the same, using the method and software you showed me a while back. IrfanView using the batch convert. All colour management etc switched off. All I really done was resize and convert to webp, something must have gone wrong somewhere though as it is noticeably darker now you have brought it to my attention.

I smell conspiracy! Not content with discrediting my third place in a recent RTF someone is sabotaging my attempts at the edit competition.

And all because of my love of a lowly Votalyzer™ operator…

Similar happened in the all one colour challenge , top one was the original and the bottom one in the pole looked washed out.

Unfortunately, the photos displayed in the polls are never quite as sharp and colourful/graded as those posted. Always presumed it was a poll software limitation?:thinking:

After downloading your images I use a program called irfanView to batch convert them to webp format and resize them. They all go through exactly the same process at exactly the same time so I don’t know what’s happening? I do this as it makes the poll look neater, and it makes it easier for people viewing the poll that are on slow connections, the webp format loads much quicker. I remember a while back I had a problem, but I discovered that the colour space was set to adobe something or other. I switched the colour management off and the problem went away. Part of the problem, and I’m not blaming you guys here, is some of the photos you upload can be over 100Mb. I quite often download them as they come in, while I’m at work with a good connection. But when I do the poll I’m at home where my upload speed is never more than 0.3Mb/s. That means about 45 minutes to upload just one photo to the poll. I had thought of putting a size limit on the edits that you post, but discounted it as I thought I’d get complaints about limiting your capabilities. But then again, just look at @Drumsagard pics and check the file sizes!!!
Maybe it’s time to introduce a limit on the file sizes and submit them all in the same format/display size?

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I’ve just ran your image through irfanView again, and it’s done exactly the same… again. Way too dark compared to your original. I’ll need to spend some time going through the settings and playing about to see what the problem is.

Nearly spat my coffee all over my desk when I read that! Why on earth would anyone want to upload 100MB files to an online comp. Screen images are viewed at 72dpi. 100MB file sizes are only needed for print quality. Large files don’t look any better than smaller file sizes when viewed at 72dpi.
I use a photoshop action I created, to downsize my images for online use, this also creates a border and a watermark. My images are 22 x 14.6 inches at 72dpi with a file size of 1.26MB when compressed at JPEG level 10. The reduced file size and watermark is all designed to protect copyright too. I also convert the colour profile too before uploading.

Colour profile being changed when converting?

Don’t bother too much on my behalf as this seems to be an isolated case and I’m sure you have better things to do over a bank holiday weekend. I’ll play around with the image at this end.

Regarding the file size issue it has always seemed overkill to me that you have image resolutions rether larger than the maximum display size of the devices that they are seen on.

“Nearly spat my coffee all over my desk when I read that! Why on earth would anyone want to upload 100MB files to an online comp”
To be fair they’re not usually that big, but quite often 30 to 40MB. Which is still way more than needed, and why I tagged and highlighted the fact your pics always look great at 1or 2MB

“Colour profile being changed when converting?”
All the images were converted at the same time, and it’s only one image that’s being affected. I don’t get it?

“Don’t bother too much on my behalf as this seems to be an isolated case”
Yip, but I want to find out what went wrong so it doesn’t happen in the future. Can’t have you thinking we hate you :rofl:

Large 16 bit files give you more editing scope with greater dynamic range before resizing to post online.
It all depends on what you like to do with your editing if SOTC then a low res jpg is good enough.

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Great edit Andy @rustybarnet and a well deserved win and thanks to everyone who took part :smiley:

Hi Rob @macspite I just saved both images and the file size are very different probably the same thing the FB does to your images compared to what you upload

Resizing is the last thing I do after I’ve edited my image from 16 bit RAW, if I’m posting online. I also store away a high res copy too.

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