GADC 4th Birthday Challenge

You are right DG, the whole post has vanished.
I’ll post it all up again.

Adjudicators… Any idea how this has happened? not of my doing it was ‘full points’ :laughing:

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I claim 4 points please…

  • An abandoned building
  • A listed building
  • Wikipedia link posted below
  • DroneScene entry created and posted below

Steve, your links are great but unless you include YOUR picture of the tower we cab’t give you any points

I have done :laughing:

4 points!

Hurray :sunglasses:


All part of my cunning plan to cut your points


  1. Narrow Gauge Railway

Romney Dymchurch and Hythe Railway

  • Bonus point if it has a train on the tracks :white_check_mark:
  • Bonus point if its Commercial :white_check_mark:
  • Bonus point for adding to Drone Scene :white_check_mark:

Been waiting for the RH&D railway to appear.

I guess it could be a commuter train as well as people do commute on it.

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Yup does cover some distance. We went from New Romney to Dungeness last time we were here and people were using it to pop to the shops haha.

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The RH&DR don’t, to our knowledge, have an InterCity service :slight_smile:


But that is a bonus point. So would earn 3 points :stuck_out_tongue:

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Dereham Windmill, taken today at 13.45.

I claim 3 bonus points for:

  • 4 or more sails
  • Commercial - the inside of the mill is only open to paying visitors
  • Added to DroneScene


I’ve said it before, but thank you to the @Challenges_Committee for putting this on and increasing my confidence daily.

My photos and videos may not be good, but they get the job done.

I am also now manually returning to home etc.

It is also allowing my wife and I to discover the county in which we have lived for the last 6 years and seen very little of!


Item 20.
Sun Reflecting Off The Water

  • Bonus point if clouds visible in the water ✓
  • Bonus point if a swan or goose is in shot ✓
  • Bonus point for adding to Drone Scene and posting a link with your entry ✓

Total 4 points claimed.


That’s the point of the challenge!

While the fortnightly Reason To Fly (RTF) competition is all about taking the best possible picture the treasure hunt is all about planning, research and ingenuity. With a little bit of luck mixed in :slight_smile:


With that in mind, it seems preferable to mark locations (for the items where it’s requested) just to get the points rather than creating locations on Drone Scene which might be good locations to fly? There’s a world of difference between what could be considered a ‘good to fly’ location, which other members might enjoy, and somewhere that’s only marked because it was worth a quick photo for the competition. :thinking:

You will notice that not all subjects have a Drone Scene bonus. Those that do offer that bonus should also offer a photographic opportunity to those who later check Drone Scene. Whether they have a wish to fly near an isolated church, a canal lock or a castle is down to their own personal preference



Ah, yes, Fyfe, would that it were. So there we have it. Canoe

A board on which to stand.

A small watercraft in which to sit

Or an open decked vessel propelled by paddles …

Click the pic for today’s definition of Leaderboard
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This was tested fairly early on when I erroneously created a DroneScene entry for a roundabout. It turns out that no one wants a map populated with traffic furniture…