GADC website homepage? Re Android "Back" button

I use my android phone 99% of the time to visit GADC and I find a wee frustration that if I goto a thread or sub folder half way down the page and hit the back button I end up at the top of homepage again and have to scroll all the way down again to see other threads or sub folders.

Attached a video which will explain better then my dyslexia can :crazy_face:

I tried it with Opera Firefox and Chrome tonight.

Funny thing is if I don’t sign in and view as a none member it goes back and forth perfectly from home page so can jump to next thread.

I can see what you mean. But for me, I’m Android, and in three different browsers i see what you are expecting, not what you are experiencing … I’m afraid.
That would suggest it’s something to do with your device? Tried a reboot?

@OzoneVibe mine does exacly the same as @ziceman .
I noticed it a over a year ago when scrolling the badges section.
Never bothered me butvit does do it. And has done on my last 3 samsung phones. Latest being an A52 on android 12, my last was an A71.

Ah! Samsung!


yeah doing the same on my S21ultra, but only when pressing back to the home page if I open a category scroll down and click into a thread then hit the back button it takes me back to the category exactly where I left it at the thread I just viewed.

but if im going back to the home page it always lands me back at the top.

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I think this is by design (albeit a shit one).

If you change your homepage view from “Categories” to “Latest” - does it stop doing it then?

The situation doesn’t actually arise in “Latest” mode … because you are only ever down one level.

In “Categories” mode (default) you can enter a category, then a thread.

For me, then hitting back ascends to the category, not the home page.

Eg …

For Samsung people, it would initially appear, the back button acts as a home page button.

The same happens on iPhone. I’d say use the unread, new and latest drop downs from the top instead to navigate around the latest posts which is how I’ve always done it but I guess that’s because I’m a daily visitor.

Unread shows me topics I’ve participated in with new posts.

New shows me all the new topics. Any that don’t interest me I click dismiss so they don’t show again on that page.

Then I go into latest and it will put a red line somewhere showing me everything that’s had new posts since my last visit that I can then pick and choose what I want to read such a topic I may have dismissed in the past but has useful content that I haven’t yet participated in.

This is how I use most forum software. Categories are useful to a degree if you’re a casual visitor but for daily visitors homepages rarely work well.

That now has a back button? :thinking:

It doesn’t do it on latest, so far just categories and badges.

Like i said not really a problem for me.

In safari yes.

But, were you to look at the OP’s, and my, video, you’d see that all of the above relates to the Android back button.

Is the issue not more that you scroll half way down the homepage. Click something. Click back and it takes you right back to the top of the page rather than where you left of. So he has to scroll all the way down again.

It happens in whatever browser you use.

Did you watch my video?

Did you compare what happens in the OP’s video?

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Thanks for the replies and glad it’s not just me.

I’m Samsung and unfortunately all Samsung phones and tablets in my house :crazy_face: not tried Apple as it’s banned from this house :rofl::rofl: joking I will try it when someone I see with a iphone.

Phone back button or browser back button does the same

What I found I have to do is scroll down open each category in new tabs, I can scroll down open and read a thread and back to exactly at the right point.

It’s no big issue like I said frustrated, as it’s a issue for a few maybe it’s BBCode needs tweaking to homepage to react the same as sub categories.

Rich if I do latest unread read and new they all work perfectly even thou albeit a wee bit messy compared to viewing it in categories. :+1:

I’ve 3 non-Samsung Androids - oldest some 7 years old. None of them have the issue that you have and all behave as one would expect.

I normally have my home page set to Latest mode (I try to read everything and I find it’s the best way to do that) and, as I mention above, the issue doesn’t really kick in in the same way because you’re only ever going down one level, not the two of /Category/Thread, so the “Latest” home screen is only ever one “back” from the thread you’ve reading.

As a matter of interest, if you are in a thread (from either starting point) and then select a Suggested Topic (at the bottom) … and then again … does the first press of the back button take you (logically) to the previous thread or to the home screen?

You need to get out more Dave :wink::joy:

Send me enough money to get out and I’ll oblige. :+1:

Of course. :man_shrugging:

the same thing happens when you click back on the safari web browser. It takes you back to the very top of the home page rather than where you were. Not that I care or use the forum this way just backing up the OP and I doubt it can be fixed. It’s probably how the software is coded.

Here’s another poornwuakify gif to add to the collection. (I’m out, can’t upload video)