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PETG filament

Live Test Print

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you not used petg before?

I only use petg these days

I remember you telling me about it, when I got given the printer all it had was PLA so been using that

what are you printing… looks like a pair of um…

A bottle opener

Is what I thought at first :rofl:

I got told by my dad … if you can’t open them, you can’t drink them…

I was taught how to open them with another one or a screwdriver or spanner (using leverage or the other hand not trying to pop it off from working your way around under the cap)…

like this… you can pop a cap on an empty too… plus use a knife spoon, ruler whatever


This is for my son, 3D printing is very useful for testing things for him, so at the moment I am printing various kitchen utensils to see if they will help him in the Kitchen

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Live Print Time :joy:

Print faster dammit, it’s blocking our logo! :rofl:

PETG all day long. though am printing some PLA, and yeah can print that at 95mm/sec, PETG, only 60 odd… booo!

Well and the TPU for the drone stuff of course :slight_smile:

I know you want more

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Guess the Print :grinning:

It looks like it has legs, some kind of animal,
Lion :thinking:

I’ll take that as a no :rofl:

It’s defo an animal tho.

Animal paper weight :sweat_smile:

Garfield :rofl:

:clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2: am I right :star_struck:

No :joy:

Ffs :scream::person_facepalming:t2::rofl:

I know it :rofl:

It’s Dougal from the magic roundabout