Genuine MavMount for sale [SOLD]

I’ve got a genuine MavMount (v1) for sale.

It cost me a ridiculous amount of money to get it shipped from USA, then it got tagged by customs on the way in too :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

So let my wallet bashing be your cash saving!

Can post anywhere in the UK or I can bring it to a NW meet up.

Will post a pic later :+1:

Pics as promised.

Purchase price, plus shipping costs from USA to UK, plus being stung by customs, this mavmount stands me in at £107 quid :flushed: :frowning:

Used only a few times with my iPad Mini, mint condition with just one tiny tiny scratch in the lower left (approx 1mm in size).

Considering what it cost me, and the fact that these simply don’t exist in the UK (check Amazon, eBay, etc, there are NONE out there), I’d take £65 inc delivery to try and recover some of my outlay.

Anyone interested??

What size device will it hold at its min setting?

Hi @AllatSea

The clamp will hold devices between 112mm and 142mm.

I’m also going to up the ante by throwing in a brand new, unused (and genuine) heavy duty Mavmount lanyard and clip too (which is normally another $24 on top):

Original price to GADC members still stands, £65 delivered.

I’ll take it to eBay after the bank hols if nobody here wants it :slight_smile:

Reserved for @AllatSea :+1:

I’ve just (yesterday) ordered one of these along with CS mount.

Wish I’d seen this post first!!