Getterback V2

I’ve been in touch with Steve Fisher, the guy that created the original Getterback.

Here’s what he had to say about v2 of the rod recovery (and now drone recovery!) system:

Some of the changes are internal to enable a faster deployment and more reliable action. The color will also be a new neon green similar to the safety vest color.

We are also working on a couple new designs which will incorporate a water activated flashing light for easier spotting at night and also a larger model that will have a 200 foot depth range and a radio beacon in the nose for location from up to 2 miles. Below is a picture with the new color and we are in the final testing now.

We are expecting to have it ready by mid September.

The website has been idle for some time but will be brand new in a couple weeks as well as the Facebook page (which currently still list the former license company that has no longer any rights to sell this product).


Steve Fisher President & CEO

And a pic he provided:

Roll on September eh? :smiley:

Oh, and the moment these are released, I’ll be selling my v1’s on eBay and upgrading my GB bracket :smiley:

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Steve Fisher from GetterBack got in touch again today, he sent me this to share with you all:

Good morning Rich,

I thought you might be interested in the final testing of my new underwater video of my GetterBack on a Drone.


Steve Fisher President & CEO

Ok, so now I really want a v2 :smiley:

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