Getting permission to fly inside a restricted area

Getting permission to fly inside a FRZ is pretty straightforward and discussed on the forum in many threads. However, I wish to get permission to fly inside a Restricted Area.

I checked the NATS list of RAs and EG R002 DEVONPORT has a CAA telephone number… 01293 983880 but this stops ringing after 2 rings.

Has anyone ever got permission to fly inside a restricted area?

What about EG R002?

Has anyone ever got through on that number?

I have a couple of weeks to get the permission (if I can get it) so if anyone can help I’d really appreciate it.

TIA :slight_smile:

Given that the restriction is in place to protect the nuclear submarine base, I’m not sure how easy it would be to get permission. The UK AIP says that permission will usually only be granted to helicopters flying to and from ships at Devonport or FOST Headquarters.

If the number from the AIP doesn’t work, you could give Ops at Plymouth Military Radar a try. They might laugh at you down the phone, but if you don’t ask you’ll never know!

Plym Mil Air Ops: 01752 557751

(I’ve not tried the number as I’ve not had the need, but it’s listed in the below document along with a few others)

Yes, they might have a laugh at me but my flight is right on the edge of the area, 100m inside and will be to no higher than 100ft in a radius of 100m they might take pity on me.

It is to get some pics of my daughter’s graduation party in our garden so it won’t be much of a risk.

I can only ask :slight_smile:

I’ll report back.


There is an active thread which discusses permission to fly in Restricted Areas in detail which you may find of interest: Flying within multiple restricted areas

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This the link I used to get permission to fly near a nuclear power station

Airspace Co-ordination and Obstacle Management

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Thanks. I have submitted the form online… now I wait :slight_smile: