Gimbal cover & lock

I’m not going to forget to remove them anymore before powering up!


That’s a great idea

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I was doing the same thing powering up and forgetting so I did a similar thing but with red ribbon …

Great idea @barnsley!

What are they? Mobile phone lanyards or something?

Got an eBay link? :wink:

They came with some GoPro Aluminium frames I got from Amazon. Would never get used on the frames, so thought I’d put them to good use on the Mavic.

Got 4 of these for a tenner from ebay, love them and never forget now


Found these could do the trick


And I thought I had an original idea…


No such thing

Where did you even find this thread?

It’s been hiding for four years :blush:

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Where did you even find this thread?

As I started a new topic for my “original idea :tm:”, the forum engine told me that the idea is not so original as I thought, so I posted here instead, just to keep them nicely together. :slight_smile:

Originally I wanted to post in “Mavic Air 2 accessories” or similar, which I remember seeing before, but I could not find that one, though I searched for it… :smiley:

On a side note: it’s not 4 years yet, just 3 and a half. :slight_smile:

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I despise the gimbal cover so much. I resorted to a hard case and have not used the gimbal cover or strap thing since.

I’m more scared I’m going to break the gimble every time I put the cover back on than I am of actually flying the damn thing :smiley: