Gimbal cover no longer fitting Air 2s

Hi all, I’ve had my Air 2s since June. Never had a problem with the gimbal cover until last week. Simply, it no longer fits and does not attach to the body of the drone as it used to. I’ve checked for any damage to the gimbal, camera and drone, but can find none. The same for the gimbal cover no damage. I’ve contacted DJI support, who are sending me a new cover. Anyone else had the same issue? The camera/gimbal all work as normal.

@Gezzer …expansion due to recent excessive temperatures perhaps ?


Funnily enough I was literally thinking that in this evening before I read your reply. I think you could be right. There is no obvious warping, but I suspect it’s enough to screw up the fit. Thanks


@Gezzer …I doubt any expansion would be permanent though …if the cover and body of the drone became hot I would suppose the cover could become tight to remove and replace but unless there was obvious distortion you would think things would revert to normal …it’s just a thought …hope the replacement cover sorts your problem

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DJI sent me a new cover gratis. Not had a problem since, so convinced the heat did warp it.


Good result …cause might be a mystery that will bug you but at least your sorted mate …Alan

Cheers :+1: