Global Rainbow- Poole

After a nightmare with DJI software and a new phone on Android 12, finally got out Saturday night to get some footage of the Global Rainbow on it’s visit to Poole. Massive thank you to @Sparkyws for your help in getting it working again :wink:

Here’s a few of the photos taken on the Mavic Mini, settings on Auto, no editing.
Got some great video too when I get around to putting it all together.



@lurch003 fantastic , is this feature going to be travelling around the country ? if it comes up north I hope the weathers on our side, very impressive looking forward to the video

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As far as I know it’s travelling around the world. Didn’t know much about it to be honest until I drove under it!

Kinda glad I did, one of the pics in The Times today
News in pictures: Tuesday November 23, 2021 | News | The Times

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Woohoo! That gains the Celebrity Badge for your profile. :+1:

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Ha! For a moment I thought we had a second GADC member’s pic in the same The Times post. The 12th pic on that page looked very much like one of @Diveuk’s.
What a fluke that would have been!

Ha ha I wish, too much competition up here for me to get published. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m all about the badges ha ha- thank you, appreciate that !!

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No way dude GO FOR IT- look at all those professional images, edited and toiled over… I whack the Mini up for half hour, get some lucky shots, no editing whatsoever, and got published!

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Loving the bottom pic. Im a sucker for night time pics

Bifrost ! :+1:

Was my first night flight- will definitely be attempting some more… Just gotta make sure in daylight there’s no power lines/random obstructions I’m guaranteed to fly into !