Go 4 app and mp2

Hi all a really dumb question,but when first flying my mp 2 ,in the aircraft status page,i had a white box around “calibrate compass”.Not sure weather that means you have the option to calibrate,or if this means calibration required?anyway,thought it seemed to be drifting a tiny bit,so did a calibration in a large empty field.however after i did said calibration,it just disapeared,with no confirmation of successful calibration.Anyway she now seems to hover perfectly,and no white box.can anybody please confirm,this was ok?cheers.:thinking:

Nah a white box is go to go. If it needs calibrating it’ll tell you . You can also click the 3 dots top right main screen, drone, advance setting, Sensors, and check the status there also.

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Cheers Gary,it probably was not a bad idea to calibrate though,i hope!

Personally I only ever calibrate mine when it tells me to… I know some do and some calibrate every flight …. I also do a censor check as part of my pre flight …

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Same. And it never has. And I never have. :wink:

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Well,if i done it right,probably not need to do again any time soon! I wander what the dog walkers thought,seeing me dancing with my MP2?:rofl::rofl::rofl:

On a slightly different tack but still pertinent (I hope) to the subject…have any M2P owners lost the option to choose between PAL & NTSC within the app when using an iOS device?
Neither my iPhone XS Max or iPad Air 2 give me the option within the app despite it being uninstalled and reinstalled on both devices as per the DJI Support web chat facility. I can understand that there may be an issue with compatibility with the iPhone but surely not the iPad??
I have emailed DJI Support about this but in the meantime if anyone has any nuggets of wisdom on this…


I’ve not noticed that but I’ll check later on tonight with IPad mini 4 and let you know.

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So I can compare, what IOS and GO4 version are you on?

I’m guessing the M2P is on the current firmware.

iOS 12 on both devices, Go4 app is v4.3.3 and M2P is on latest firmware.


Sorry for delay getting back to you.

I can’t find option either, I’m sure it was there when I set up M2P.

I don’t think it’s a bug, looks like it’s been removed altogether.

Mine is set at 4k HQ 30fps


Thanks for checking. I did message DJI Support and they got back to me this afternoon. I have pasted their reply below.

John Benedict (Support)

10月9日 19:02 CST

Dear Chris,

Hope you are doing great!

Thank you for your patience.

I just received an update to our request from our Field Application Engineers regarding the option. And they had answered, the difference between NTSC and PAL is the different FPS. We put all the FPS option in the same location, so cancel the NTSC and PAL option and since this option is now removed, it is easier to change the desired FPS.

Hope this finds informative and helpful about your concern.

Please let me know if you have any concern to further assist you and provide the quality service you solely deserve as our customer.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact DJI Europe Support, Mon-Fri 8:30AM - 5:00PM (UTC+1) via the following three channels:



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I see (on Android) there was a new release of Go4 today - v4.3.2.
Perhaps this have been addressed … although not in the release notes.