GO4 app won't open on Tab 4 device

Sorry I’m not really that familiar with the Android dark arts, more a iOS and OSX chap.

Great news

Rock solid for me and many others, have a search on here, there a quite a few good threads kicking about. I would add wait until Black Friday as it is usually discounted around the holidays (Americanism)


@dazer2000 What drone are you going to be using it with?

Just that your profile has Phantom 3 advanced and GO4 is only compatible with P4 onwards.

Hi mate, phantom 3 advanced

Ah it was someone else who mentioned GO4.

So your using original GO app?

Yes thats the one, it wont even open on tab 4 ? also says may not be optomised for your device…I have since downloaded a couple of others and they say the same ? however I am using most up to date firmware ???

It looks like the specs on the Tab 4 are not up to running the app.

The 8" wifi model only has 1GB of RAM.


That’s probably why play store is showing incompatible and it wont run.

You could try stripping out some of the bloatware and shutting down background processes but simply might not be up to the job.

The guy I bought it off did a demo using it, this version I have downloaded do ya reckon its safe ? it opens and stuff

Where did you download it from? Version number?

Ill try find out mate give me a sec I am not good at these things

mobile softpedia 3.1.3 apk

Not used that site much but should be fine mate.

I normally use apkmirror.


If it opens and connects ok I’d say your good to go.

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Cheers mate the help reassures me ! I have been using my ipad but heavy in the feild and scared of dropping it

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stick it on a tripod mount !.

You mean seperate to the remote ? could do I suppose.

Yup, I bought a Ipad mount for the tripod, longish lead, Ipad sunscreen, great view.


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