Godrevy Beach & Lighthouse, North Cornwall

It’s been a while, but with the gorgeous weather over the weekend, I couldn’t resist flying at the beautiful Godrevy Beach & Lighthouse on the North Cornwall coast. I hope you enjoy the film


Hi Jez -

Some more great views of Cornwall. A perfect day weather wise for filming as you say - the music was restful to listen too - overall perfect. Thanks.

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Many thanx

I’ve been missing your posts on here and then you turn up with yet another stunning video.
Brilliantly done.

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Thanks so much

Great video, surfed there so many times.

Nerves of steel flying out that far, well done

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Many thanx. Had to take off from various different places to keep vlos

Where do you take off from, as the last time i was there, i was told its national trust land…

Usually, I’m on a friend’s boat, but I won’t lie, he wasn’t available this time, so I found a couple of places on the rocks away from anyone, and took off there. It’s not something I do often

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Another good upload jezbot

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Good video. :slight_smile:

I was going to go down the other evening and shoot some FPV from the top car park opposite the lighthouse, like at 8pm ish, well after the NT lot have left the site. Unfortunately beer and general tiredness got in the way.

Maybe next time I’m down.

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Many thanks

Another time :+1::+1::+1:

I’ll be back down in August.

I came back from Cornwall in a worse state than when I left. :wink: Also the 370 miles on my bike isn’t great either. But annoyed that I took the Flea down and failed to fly it once. Was after doing some orbits at the Wheal Busy chimney between Scorrier and Chacewater, but that fell through as well. Not to mention Roche Rock. Next time I’m down I will have more time to fly. Also probably going to move down for a couple of months next year while I work on a few things. Maybe after Christmas.

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Excellent work! Great opening shot which continued throughout with similar cinematic footage. Music choice and editing on point!

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Thank you so much for the kind words