Golden hour at Southend sea front

Finally a break in the weather and got my fix of getting some air time and photos hope you all like :ok_hand:.
All taken in manual, settings as follows…
ISO 100
Aperture f2.8 (a couple were f5.6)
White balance set to sunny
ND16 DJI filter
Shutter speed to suit EV to get between -3 and +3

Feel free to comment, one thing i did notice and I’m hoping there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation… a couple of times i did a 6 second or more long exposure the drone was moving around to much and as a result the images were to blurry… is this common or should it be perfectly still ? Wind speed was probably around 10mph but was on the coast so had no protection from the elements


Great shots mate and thanks for the settings what drone was it

Nice job Booney.

Nice pictures. I hope to do some OneDay! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you, was my Mavic 2 Pro

Great pics! … that also get you the Golden Hour Flyer Badge on your profile! :+1:

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Any reason why you are using the ND filter, (I understand you may want the lights blur on the cars, but not sure about the others)

Good shots though

Can you get a golden hour badge for early morning golden hours. Does it have to be stills or video, or either?


I really like the shot of the upside down boat! The others are also great, and love the ones when the light was really going. Inspires me to get out when the weather allows and not tied up with other things.

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Can I get one for my Early Morning Over Christchurch Castle, Norman House, and Christchurch Priory post

@milkmanchris i mainly used it for the light trails but also because it was still a little bright out. I watched a youtube video someone made when he went to Chernobyl in Russia and someone made a comment on his video and said he should have used a filter so i purely went on that advise perhaps i was wrong to have done so ?