Golden Hour Pano from about a month ago


Edit : This is @SpininB’s pano I posted up for her. Not, mine!!


For whatever reason, the HTML copied from Kuula sometimes replaces the < and > at the beginning and end with some character code.

It needs to start <iframe … and end with /iframe>

For whatever reason, selecting the HTML on my phone, or my mouse on my laptop, to highlight the HTML seems to do this annoying thing, but double clicking using my mouse on the laptop seems less prone to the annoyance.
But … this seems to add a at the beginning and end, that has to be removed.

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Amazing 360 @SpininB :+1:


I keep having the problem, just know now what to delete and add!

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Amazing colours Bonny @SpininB - just beautiful and liked the other 360s you have on Kuula :+1:

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