Good evening from a very windy derbyshire

hi all, ive not had much experience being a ‘pilot’ but have enjoyed my experience very much up to now.
i have a cpl of questions for you more experienced flyers and would greatly appreciate your answers.
1/ when i first got my mavic pro i tried out the ‘live to facebook’ option and it worked pretty good, i went to try it again yesterday (saturday) and my app told me that there was an ‘error #200 i did not havethe proper permissions’!!? any help on that please?

2/ when ive shot my video’s and get home to my trusty windows pc running windows 10 and download my sd card, i have no sound whatsoever zero zilch nyada nothing! yet when i playback through the go4 app everything is good, i can hear myself cursing and shivering and even (god help) singing to myself. HELP PLEASE!!
Thanks in advance all.

The Mavic Pro does not record sound, at all.
The sound is being recorded via the Go4 App & your phone, hence why replaying it on the App gives you the sound in the local area of your controller.
You will have an option in the Go4 App to record the phones sound, or toggle it off.
It is the phone that is actually doing the recording.
And, a good evening from a very very windy Norfolk !.


Oh ffs I’m such a novice lol thanks Chris :crazy_face:


Welcome Andy, you have a very capable bird there, and now access to a wealth of knowledge.
I know there has been an update recently to the streaming part of go4 but as I don’t use it I haven’t done the update so I’m afraid I can’t help you there.
As to the sound, that’s been answered.

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Re Facebook live, as the GO4 app updates it can take a few weeks for the Facebook permissions to be allowed.

I had same issue on Thursday.

It all relates back to the knobhead who shot up the mosque in NZ live on FB.



What I hadn’t heard about that

Which bit Alex ?

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Thanks all

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the knobhead who shot up the mosque in NZ live on FB.

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Welcome Andy never be shy to ask any questions on this forum there are plenty of novice knobheads in here me being one of them and there is always well almost always someone with an answer :pray::ok_hand: