Good evening from Malvern

Great to see a UK based group. Have been flying Mavic since beginning of December. About 11 hours flight time. Really enjoying it but a lot to learn!
Weather not been brilliant though!

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Welcome @neilfishlock1, very good to have you with us. You’ve come to the right place if you want to learn, just ask questions on anything you’re not sure of. Let us know what sort of places you have to fly near you.

I have really spent most of my time learning to fly the Mavic in the local fields. I do fly hot air balloons but weather is incredibly restrictive so I am hoping the drone will fill the gaps! There are some great places to fly near me - river Severn, Eastnor Castle, Forest of Dean and some areas of the Hills but due to rules of Malvern Conservators very restricted.
Have been trying to take pictures of my lads mountain biking. Recent snow gave some great opportunities.

Welcome to Grey Arrows @neilfishlock1 :+1:

You probably chose just about the worst month ever to buy a drone, due to this reason alone:

You’re not wrong :rofl:

It’s been :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: awful!!


Hopefully the worst is behind us now and we have better weather to look forward to soon :slight_smile:

Is the Mavic your first drone? Did you opt for the Platinum or the ‘Classic’?

The pro with the extra batteries. Bought it from John Lewis on Black Friday when they were on offer. I wonder what the two year warranty will stand for!
I did get the refresh policy - hope I don’t need it.

It is interesting the biggest problems seem to come when RTH not set correctly when reading the forums.
Have forgotten the clamp a couple of times but noticed it just before taking off.
Using a Samsung A5 2017 phone - which seems to work fine…famous last words!

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