Good range on this Avata thingy

Just some footage of where I walk the dogs. Nice and peaceful, and the Autumn colours with the leaves just fallen make it all worth while. Take into account its on the outskirts of an industrial estate.

Enjoy. Criticism welcome :+1:


Brilliant! Bet you enjoyed that flight

Believe it or not…2hrs of walking, 5 batteries and about 16 flights🤪. Yeah, good long run😉. I’m going to try it in manual next week or so…that should be fun😁

Thanks. :+1:

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Another great video Ady :clap: :clap: :clap:

FCC mode I presume ??

Ta John :+1:. Yeh, FCC mode. Tbh I never went that far away from meself, I’ve just wangled it in post :joy:. But I must admit, it does help getting round those corners through the subbies.

Really enjoyable to watch… Some fast videos like this tend to give me motion sickness, but none of that here… very smooth and well controlled. Not sure / would be interested to know how you work with spotters or VLOS on that fight, but what a first class flight. I expect you enjoyed that… :heart: :+1:

Thanks :+1:. I actually thought it might be boring for others to watch , it was just an idea I had while walking the dogs earlier this year, a bit of a brain fart really​:joy:.
The spotter/VLOS text I put at the end was just a bit of a joke thing really, but I did have my lad scoping around blind corners for us when and where I thought I needed it. Last thing I wanted was someone to end up impaled with an Avata😂.
Thanks again,and yes it was fun, apart from a stretch of path when I had issues with the drone ‘falling’ to the left hand side for no apparent reason. All good now though.

The transition is really smooth! I thought I only caught about 4 or 5 flights when the changes were obvious!

Thanks :+1:. Yeh, I think there are 7 in total. I used Davinci Resolve, smooth cut for transition and also tried matching a same looking frame from each clip. The hardest part was trying to keep the Avata in the position I wanted, height wise and central ish. The thing that screwed with me was the sky, mainly the clouds and sun, by the time I had tee’d up the next flight the clouds had moved :joy:. It all worked quite well though tbh. :+1:

I can see the news now:
“Cranky drone pilot shouting at the clouds to stay still”