Good Weather Pano

Today was the 2nd attempt at a Pano shot using the Litchi app. The weather was great for flying.


Nice shot, how come you have ‘jaggies’ though on the top of your pano?

I have no clue.

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Can you post the original image before you upped it to kuula I’ll take a look (if u don’t mind)

This is the original before loaded up to Kuula

Just need to even off the sky to make it a straight black line an then you’ll lose the jaggies when you upload it :wink:


Its also essential that the image ratio is 2:1 so you need to make yours 16384x8192 (the max size Kuula will let you upload as it happens)

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Cheers, I will do some tinkering with the originals and ICE later

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