Goose fair footage

so went goose fair and captured this…
let me know if you like it or not :slight_smile:


Great video, including drone footage a ground footage. Its been years since I last went to Goose Fair.

I used to live on Noel Street when I was at Trent Poly. I think I’ve been to Goose Fair once since I left in '92. :grin:

By the way, when you’ve got large amounts of text information on the screen we could do with a bit longer to read it. I know from doing one or two of my own it’s hard to judge for yourself because you already know what it says so you can rattle through it.


yea thought the text was a bit too quick tbh hahah next time ill make sure its longer :slight_smile:

@Airlessmean nice mix of terrestrial and aerial footage. :smiley:

thanks! i thought people would wanna see a mix to help sell it better haha :slight_smile:

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Newcastle hoppings held on the town moor at Newcastle upon Tyne is advertised as europes largest fairground ….it’s years since I visited I will have to try to get a flight in next year ….some of those rides in your video are hair raising :hushed:

not newcastle, its either hull and nottingham the biggest :slight_smile:

Not sure what their using to compare size ….amount of rides, amount of visitors or amount of land covered ……

yea so its the same, just the biggest travelling funfair thats all it is haha so when anyone says the biggest here or there, just means the fair its self is the biggest :slight_smile: