GPC backpack [SOLD]

Hi all,

I’m posting this to test the water.

I MIGHT have a GPC DJI mavic pro backpack for sale very soon.

It’s the same bag that PingSpike posted pics of not so long ago.

I ordered one from GPC in the states but got told it was on backorder and had no date for estimated dispatch.
I started looking around and found another supplier in the states and placed an.order with them. I received the backpack about 10 days later and the day after I got an email from GPC advising they had shipped my order…yes…I forgot to cancel it!!! So, in the next couple of days I’ll likely have a second backpack which is surplus to requirements.

For anyone that hasn’t read the post from PingSpike, the backpack is based on the 5.11 rush 12 backpack. This is a supremely tough bag, I use one for work and have done for the last 5 years and it’s still like new. Inside it has a custom mavic foam insert which holds the mavic, remote, 4 batteries, charger, charging hub, and few other bits and bobs.

The bag can be seen on GPC website here

If anyone may be interested let me know. Once I have the bag in my hands then I’ll post here.

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Amazing back pack, I can vouch for that :+1:

I take it you’re please with it then? :smiley:

I must post an updated pic as it goes because I’ve cut more foam out in order to sit the CrystalSky mount in there too.

Here’s the post you were referring to mate: Mavic storage, what do you use? - #21 by PingSpike

Absolutely love it. Love it so much I bought two!!

Yeah if you could post an updated picture as I was considering cutting space for my CS mount but wasn’t sure where was the best place.

I’ve hacked my mavmount following your excellent post and attached the official CS mount to it. Haven’t bonded it to it yet though.

Ok, it’s arrived.

So I now have for sale the GPC backpack as above.

Including shipping and customs taxes etc I paid $189 which with the current exchange rate is £143.

I’d be happy to accept £120, bearing in mind this is brand new never used and the bag alone (5.11 Rush 12) retails at £90, you’re basically getting the custom made mavic foam insert for £30.

I only found one company in the UK selling these bags, which is:

And as you can see, at £168 before delivery, it’s a lot more expensive than what I’m asking.

Feel free to ask any questions either direct on here or drop me a message.

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This bag has now been sold.

Nice one :+1:

Sold to a GADC member?? (naturally don’t break any private confidences)

If not, tell whoever bought it about our club :smiley:

It was indeed a GADC member @Ashmav is soon to be the proud owner of this awesome bag.

Look forward to getting my Mavic in it. Be a hard case come up for grabs in a bit peeps

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Nice one guys!

@Ashmav you won’t be disappointed :smiley: