GPS Rollover

Just saw this video on one of the other forums.

Yeah saw something similar. Like the millennium bug.

Sure … global shipping and aviation and every satnav needs to take note. :wink:

Yeah, it’s not worrying for me either, it will probably be raining at the worst :laughing:


I work in aviation, where I work this is very much being looked at to ensure all of our systems will roll over on the day.

Tom Tom have also sent out emails saying that some of their devices need a free update.

Hope my car updates correctly…:grin::grin:

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The Chekov accent and the NASA t shirt were convincing me this was a hoax…but seems not! Ok let’s head to the shelters…if we can find them?

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I’m guessing this didn’t affect anyone in the drone world?

It kept our phones ringing all week in the world of agritech (re auto-steer) :roll_eyes: What about you @Ninjarich1971 mate?

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In all honesty nothing, not a blip. Either that or I’m just too tired to care at the moment. It’s always great having a job where you get to watch the sun come up and go down all from the comfort of one seat. Can we blame it on brexit? (Not my sitting in one seat all day, the non collapse of the gps world)

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