Great service from Heliguy

I have ordered a Mavic 2 pro from my local Company - Heliguy. Following conversations on here I decided to order the fly more pack, I was amazed when I went to their site to find it had gone up by £60 to £339. I queried this with Matty at Heliguy and he told me that DJI are increasing their prices. However, he said that if I wanted one he would honour the old price and sent me a link to enable me to order one at the old price of £279, which I have just done. Outstanding service I think, thank you Matty at Heliguy


That’s great.

Wonder why DJI are increasing prices? Thought if I ever wanted a M2P, it’d get cheaper the more I waited :face_with_thermometer:

I don’t know why either, but I found this:

Glad Heliguy did you proud @Megalot :+1:

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I wonder if DJI are trying to offset any losses they are forecasting with the China/USA trade war.

I agree with Ken. Heliguy are brilliant. I bought my Mavic Air from them, plus their replacement insurance, which is better than DJI Refresh, in that you don’t pay anything for the replacement. Hope I never have to replace it!
Yep, good company.

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Only problem is that their website now says no Mavic 2 Pros expected into stock until late October. Aaarrrrgggghhh. (Patience is a virtue I’m told).

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I bought my zoom and fly more package from Heliguy before the price hike,can’t fault the service next day delivery. Bought a couple things since and that came next day as well 1 hour delivery slot always makes life easier.
I pre ordered so got the 12 months accident cover for free which was a bonus.

Yeah I pre ordered so got the cover for free too