Green grass !!


Hi Everyone,

I’m still tentatively exploring the capabilities of my Air. When shooting video, and low level (10 metres) the grass appears REALLY green - unnaturally so. It seems to go to a more natural colour when at altitude though.

Is this a setting issue with the video ? I’m shooting 4k at 25fps, and on cloudy days ( no sunshine)

I’m no camera buff - I’ve read many posts on filters, but a lot loose me with technical terms.

I’m taking my drone to Florida in April, and will be filming with the combination of bright sunshine, blue sky and very white sand, so would like to get things right before I go.

Finally, is there a “dumbed down” explanation on here regarding filters ? I’ve looked today, but have a streaming cold so may have missed it.




Hi Simon,

you’ve a number of options here. The cheapest is to simply turn down the saturation in your video settings to -1. Next option is to use polarizing filters. These reduce glare and reflection from surfaces like water, grass and trees. For Florida though you’re definitely going to need some filters if you want to keep shooting at 25 fps (and I presume 50 shutter speed?). You’ll need to reduce the amount of light coming in to the lens to maintain that lower shutter speed. You may also find a polarizer will help with the bright sun glare and the sea. This video (even though it’s for the MP) really shows the effect of using filters

as to which to buy, this is really down to you and your budget. I have the Polar Pro cinema ones and find them excellent and of a high quality. Other members have different ones and also get excellent results. You may want to consider going as high as ND32 for a really, really bright day.

Good luck



Thanks Lee, that explains a lot. Will get some before I go, and have a play with the settings. You reckon that’s why the grass is such a vivid green in my videos ?



@flames7607 I think it’s certainly a large part. I’d knock the saturation down too if it really bothers you. Here’s one of mine that’s polarized but retains decent colours. It was my first video so go gentle on me!


This change would suggest that you have the colour temperature on Auto … the default, that can make one colour appear to change as the overall composition of a scene changes.
I tend to have mine set to Cloudy all the time, unless there’s a good reason to change it. (a) the UK usually is cloudy, and (b) sunrises and sunsets appear with better colours since the auto isn’t trying to make them “grey”.


Ooo, good point. Yes, my white balance is always on cloudy too


Mine is always on sunny … optimistic! :slight_smile:


Mine used to be … then I realised I wasn’t liking the slight cast it was causing, and having to correct it.
I find I’m more usually happy with the cloudy setting … even if not the weather it represents.


Will have to give it a try on cloudy, hoping to get out later this week


I use “Cloudy” in all conditions. Seems the least problematic … and far better than auto!


Have to confess, always use Auto.
I must give your findings a try and set on Cloudy.
Is this why there is always a slight greying of the picture then?.


It shouldn’t “grey the picture” … but the auto setting can change what it thinks it needs to apply and, as a result a particular object appears to change colour.

Panning down from a level shot with lots of blue sky down to a yellow mass of rape seed fields, for instance.


That’s really nice @leeheyes. I love the colours !

So, turn colour temperature from Auto to Cloudy, and look at getting some filters ND and polarized ones.

Will give it a try and report back.

Thank you everyone