Greenwich locations, can I fly here?

I have just bought a DJI Mini 2, Looking at the map at there seems some gaps in the red zones near Greenwich, London which might be ok to fly in. The first one being the Thames footpath near the o2 or there is also access down to the bank of the Thames, the second place is the bank of the Thames next to Island Gardens park.

I’ve marked the locations in green on the attached file, are these locations possible to fly in?

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I’d say ‘yes’, unless I’ve missed something!

You’re really close to some red bits, so as long as you steer clear of those, you’ll be fine.

Have you downloaded Airdata UAV? It’s free and really useful… shows you all kinds of flight data, including flight paths… might be useful if anyone challenges you, so you can prove that you’ve been flying safely.


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As long as you are 50m away from people and structures not under your control!

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I think Greenwich is gonna fall under the “built-up area” restrictions @Ghonet


Until 31 December 2020
The footpath along the south side of the Thames is >150m from the opposite river bank, but you’d have to argue that your >150m from “congested area” on this bank as well, which is difficult due to proximity of the O2, the golf range etc. In theory you are beyond London Heliroute H4, but you’d want to be very cautious.

At Island Gardens, you are definitely <150m from a congested area. This is the end of Heliroute H4, same proviso about being cautious applies.

From 1 January 2021
You have a Mini 2, so you can fly in an urban area so long as you don’t endanger anyone and stay outside the FRZ boundaries.

That’s my understanding, anyway.

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Thank you for the replies!

@Ned Thanks, sounds good I will check out that app

@kvetner The o2 is definitely more than 150m away, there are not a huge number of buildings in that area but yeah there would be some under 150m away. Is it better to wait until next year then?

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Totally up to you!

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