Greetings from Essex

Hey everyone.
Not quite a drone owner yet, but being gifted a Mavic Pro in a few weeks from a very kind brother.

One thing that concerns me a little is the apparent disdain for flying drones in public areas. I’m in Chelmsford and so I thought Hylands park would be a great place to start, and would be great to film my kids playing, but apparently Chelmsford has a drone ban on all public parks. Along with busybodies who seem to think drones are a nuisance, it seems like a mental effort just to go out for a quick flight.

I really don’t fancy having to come prepared for an argument each time I want to use it.

How are people dealing with authorative rules and general social etiquette around flying? Is it as difficult as it appears?

Hi @Jh37, and welcome to GADC. :+1:

A large number of members also own the Mavic Pro, so if you have any questions ask away over on #questions-and-answers and someone with the relevant knowledge will be happy to offer advice.

There’s also a vast amount of photographic knowledge, too, so there’s always be a few people happy to field these questions.

If you haven’t already, take a look at the Map of Members and you’ll see there are a few other members in your neck of the wood, some of whom I’m sure will come and say Hi, and perhaps give you some pointers on flying locations.

(Don’t forget to add yourself to that map :+1: : How to add yourself to the Members Map )

Also, if you’ve not seen it, check out our map of places where members have flown in the past … which, obviously, doesn’t necessarily mean they are still OK to fly and, as always, any pilot needs to check that everything’s OK before flying at any of them.

Welcome @Jh37, enjoy the site

You can install NATS on your phone too for info on area’s

I personally would find a quiet spot away from people and fly the drone. If you’re filming your kids, I doubt many people would be negative towards that.

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One thing to add, flying with kids can be a little difficult as you have to keep an eye on them as well as the drone. You may lose track of one or the other :joy:

… or both. :fearful:

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Appreciate the advice, but my wife would also be there. :+1:t2:


Hi @Jh37
I’m in Chelmsford too. Hylands definitely not . Essex not exactly drone candy. I’ve done rivers and locks.
I’ve been mostly doing coastal flights - Mersea, Maldon and more recently Felixstowe . People leave you alone when you’re coastal flying so thats where I do most of my flying these days .

Welcome to this madhouse we call home enjoy your stay and don’t be afraid to ask any questions we all have them

It can be difficult, but I put a positive spin on it , I let people see what I am videoing, and they see I am not spying on everyone, most people who look go away with a better understanding of what I am doing. You will meet some people who will instantly dislike what you are doing, but not everyone. Enjoy your flying.

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