Greetings from Fife

Hi everyone

My OH and myself are completely new to flying a drone. Can anyone please suggest any good safe ish places in Fife or central east Scotland for our first time using the drone. We just want to get used to handling the drone first.

Also, Are there any drone clubs nearby for beginners?


Welcome to GADC. One tool that will be very useful for you is DroneScene.

It shows you areas that may or may not be flown as a set of layers on top of a zoomable UK map. You get to it by going to the top of a page in GADC and clicking on the hamburger icon at the top right - the three horizontal lines between the search icon and your avatar.

The fifth option down on the left-hand side will be DroneScene. Click on that.

At the screen that appears click on the search icon and enter a town name, lat/lon or a postcode:

This is the Kingdom of Fife. I have selected a street map style to be overlaid with the various information layers.

Clicking on each coloured area gives details of what the markings mean. Very simply red means no flying and yellow means if you fly questions may be asked by the authorities so check the notes for the area or ask here what is allowed or not.

You can see the same information over a satellite image:

Or zoom in and click on one of the green markers for information. Each marker is a place that has been flown by a GADC member who has taken a few minutes to add that place to the map with a few helpful comments, usually about parking, popularity, ease of access and the nearest cafe or pub. :slight_smile:

The markers are by no means the only place you can fly. It’s been a long while since I’ve s[ent any time in your part of Scotland and I was taking pictures on film from Cessnas not digitally from drones. There are a number of members up your way who no doubt will be in touch later.

Why not add yourselves to the members map while awaiting replies?

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And while you’re looking at DroneScene check out Good2Go the simple can I fly here or not tool.

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Fab, thank you both for the information & links. The map showing the no fly areas really good. I have previously registered with the CAA though that was a couple of months ago so going go over everything again to refresh. Just need to then somewhere safe and quiet to get some practice.