Greetings from Lancashire,just

Hi all and greetings from the North West, I live on the coast and close to the Cumbria border, plenty of good flying locations here, although also much of the land is National trust and they do not like us.
I have been flying about 4 years now, started with a little practice Hubsan, that I still have, then a P2V+, sold, then a P4 which I still have, and also a Mavic pro.
I enjoy the video side of things most, and mission flying with Litchi.
It is good to have UK based forum, I do contribute to other forums, but they are dominated by our friends from the US who have a different experience to us.
I look forward to sharing experience,information, and all things related.

Welcome @jayfdee. great to have you with us. You’re in good company here as Nor’ Westerners seem to have taken over the club! :slight_smile:

Pleased you like the Brit-centric nature of GADC. Other forums are great but I think our unique needs on this small island need a specific group to address them.

Hi there @jayfdee and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

Ha! That’ll make @Londroner’s day… :stuck_out_tongue: He’s convinced us northerns are trying to take over GADC :wink:

Sounds like you’ve racked up a good few flying hours there!

What’s the Hubsan like to fly? Would you recommend it to a newbie? (I’m trying to get a few of my younger family members in to our hobby!)

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Well I do not want to start a North/South divide, or restart the war of the Roses, so thanks for the welcome.
Actually my Hubsan is almost antique, but has been thrashed and still flies. Most small toy drones are probably suitable to learn on. The simulator is also OK if you already have a DJI product.
The big bonus of an unsophisticated starter drone is you learn to fly in ATTI, and this will save your £1000 Mavic when things go wrong.
I may be wrong, but I am guessing this forum/club is big into the Mavic, no problem, I also fly the P4, and love both products.
I have done many mods and repairs on these quads, and enjoy this frustrating part of the hobby.
Sample video flown from almost my front door.

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Welcome fancy seeing you here

Yes I guess we both got netted from our interchange on the DJI pilots forum.