Greetings from sunny Blackpool!

Hi all,
I’m Mel and I’m part of the Visual Arts team at Blackpool Sixth Form College. Way back before ‘Covid times’ we began introducing drone photography to our creative students as workshops with experienced drone pilots. This proved so popular and beneficial to our students that we decided to purchase our own drone in early 2020. Unfortunately Covid lockdowns/strict health and safety measures pretty much immediately hit and we have been unable to deliver any practical drone sessions with our students and our drone has so far remained unused.
I’m hoping to kickstart some flying opportunities again for our young people in the coming year so I thought this would be a great group to join for tips, advice and experience.

Best wishes,


‘Waves’ from overcast Thornton :slight_smile:

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Shouts HELLO from overcast Mor-e-cambe.

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Another hello from Morecambe. :wave::wave:

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Hello from a drizzly overcast Blackpool also.
After retirement did regular supply for a few years at the college in IT/Computing/Maths some years back so familiar with the campus.

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Hi John, glad to meet you. Hope you’re enjoying your retirement. The college has changed so much in the past few years, I don’t even know which way I’m going sometimes! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hello and welcome. Sounds like a good plan, and it’s a great place to learn stuff.

Hi from Bispham. I have enjoyed flying my DJI Mini 2 here in Bispham and nearby Cleveleys. Unfortunately, lost it earlier this week flying over Kincraig Lake, so I’m probably not the best one to offer advice, but drones certainly give a different perspective - I’m sure your students will benefit.

For info - claim now in with DJI under their refresh programme. They are currently analysing my flight data in case there was an equipment failure rather than pilot error. If so, the drone will be replaced free under warranty, otherwise £209 for a new one under the DJI Flyaway part of their refresh programme.

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Hi Brinderz, nice to meet another neighbour. :blush:Sorry to hear about your mishap, hope you manage to get it sorted soon! Thanks for the info on that DJI scheme, will certainly look into that. :+1: