Greetings to all :-) - Virginia Water

Hi there!

I just bought a DJI mini 3 pro as per recommendatiom from another owner, and now I’m hooked.

I almost lost it on the first flight, or I thought so, I called back home after already testing it, but it decided to shoot into the sky, I panicked and canceled, but it was so high up.

I was shaking… But I still loved it.

I was an RC pilot about 25 years ago when I was 15, and took this long to get back up in the skies again.

It was worth the wait!!

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In which part of the country are you located?

Welcome once again!

Hi Welcome to here :wave:

Welcome to Grey Arrows… Sounds like your Return to Home (RTH) heaight is set too high, remember to set it as part of your pre-flight checks so you dont end up trying to fly home too low or too high - which can be a problem if you get low on battery…

As @AlbionDrones has said, it sounds like you may have your return to home set too high.
Have a look at this video, it may help explain it for you

Im glad you are enjoying your return to the skies

Thanks for the lovely welcome.

I am in Virginia Water, Surrey.

The wierd thing is I did test RTH initially, I just flew it out 20 meters, did RTH and watched it come back to me, so I thought it would all be fine…

It may have been me freaking out, if I left it to come back it, might have, but it went so high that I couldn’t see it anymore.

@dr00min Andrew

There are parameters to set as said by @AlbionDrones but there are also other factors when you’re within a certain distance from the controller and RTH is tapped. As you found out, as you’d not gone the certain distance in height or distance (?) it came straight back to you.
There was a very interesting thread about this only the other day where @Sparkyws highlighted the relevant section from DJI.

Hi Andrew @dr00min and welcome to GADC :+1: :+1:

It’s over here :+1:

Worth a read :wink: The Manual

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Was he not a waiter in Farty Owls?

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I realised what I did, the RTH altitude was over 100M, so… yeh, I feel silly now.

welcome to GADC

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:wave: Hello :slight_smile:

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