Guys Cliffe House, Power Director 17

I am learning PD 17 from You Tube videos, and hopefully getting better. Here is a bit of creative practise with a video I made from a recent visit to the above. Please comment, good or bad, as its the only way to learn. I wont be offended


Chuffin Nora mate, you’ve nailed it. Lovely use of titles, like the transition from black and white to colour and nice steady footage throughout. Not so sure about the music, maybe a bit too dramatic for a tranquil scene, but a great video and well edited on the transitions.

Yeh great vid :ok_hand: me to with the music not my taste but I think sometimes I would rather a commentary perhaps some interesting facts history and such make it a bit documentary like
Just an opinion , it’s better than I can do

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Thanks for the opinions. They will be taken on board.

I agree, that’s why I liked the title, it gave a nice introduction so we knew what it was and where it was rather than just a derelict, once grand, building ‘somewhere in England’

Gorgeous footage :+1: Nice drone control.

Hows this, description added to end and music changed.

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yeh I liked that one better spec the description at end

Oh yes. Love the description at the end, just finishes it off.