GVC / PfCO flight test


I’m guessing a few of you have done this already… What’s the deal, aside from bringing a fire blanket, extinguishers etc?

I’m going to do this soon, so I’m looking for a heads up.



Did they not tell you what you need to bring with you mate?

I’ve not booked it yet, and I know I’ll be told. Just looking to get some practice done beforehand.

Try this thread from a couple of months ago:

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Cheers for that!

Cones and cordon tape, your ops manual, spare batteries. A folding table looks professional for setting up on, something to drink.


Unless it folds as you’re setting up. :laughing:

Sorry - that’s how I read it the first time and lauughed.

I didn’t think you still done the flight test now I thought you had to self certification to say you had done it and could do it, I might well be wrong but I seem to remember reading that because of the virus its all online .

That certainly was the case when I did my A2 CofC a few weeks ago, but it’s still a ‘thing’ for the GVC. Well, it’s a thing for the guys at UAVHub… I don’t know about other providers.

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No I think I was thinking of a2 c of c , my mistake

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No worries mate :relaxed:

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Hi there, the theory is on line, but you have to do a practical test. All about controlling the drone. The drone should be 5metres way from you, you lift the drone up to about 3 metres then do a series of squares, controlling the drone, turning the drone, then most likely doing some circles and an emergency drop from a certain height.

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As in… an emergency stop in flight?!

I’d expect to be asked to invoke one or more emergency procedures (airspace incursion, pilot incapacitation, etc) and I believe there’s a requirement to demonstrate loss of control link, but if I was asked to actually do an emergency stop in flight I’d politely decline.

I’d happily explain to them how I’d invoke it. I’d happily show them the stick positions whilst the aircraft was grounded. But given the risk of damage to/unseen stresses on the drone, even from a small height, I wouldn’t be doing it unless it was an actual emergency.

I agree. I wouldn’t be happy doing that.

45 degree emergency descent and land from 60m ish ;o)


As Chris said, picture a zip-line type landing @JoeC :+1:t2:


Mine was considerably higher and further away. It’s the figure 8s that take the practice. My advice is go to a field and pick a fence post or put out a cone. Get your figure 8s going and crossing over at that post. Use the map view to check how you’re getting on. I also had to spiral down rather than zip line.


Ah, so not a hard ‘drop’, but a quick and controlled landing. That I can understand. Thanks both for clearing that up in my head. :slight_smile: :+1:

The example is a police or air ambulance appears and you want to avoid vortex etc, hence the spiral or zip line ;o)

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It’s a 45 degree they ask you to do not a drop landing. You have to control the drone while bring it down at 45 degree angle, you don’t have to land the drone just control the drone.

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