GVC worth it?

Hi all, I’m sorry if this is the 1737385th question in regards to this… wondering if the GVC is worth it?

Tempted to do the A2 C of C and GVC bundle for £400. I’ve been reading around but the law change seems so confusing :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I’m not sure reading fb groups has helped either, possibly a lot of people unsure but giving advice anyway… it sounds like it’d be ok for a couple of years and then I’d need a new drone…

  • I have a Mavic Air 2
  • I am a newb (but I also tend to not do things by halves)
  • I have no commercial work lined up, just a hell of a lot of learning but there’s a chance my line of work could extend to a drone offering. If that happened I’d want to be able to pounce.
  • The lesser restrictions are what’s making me look into it.
  • I assume I could do the GVC and then hold off the CAA payment and commercial insurance until it’s actually required?

Do I get it all done and dusted or only do the £99 a2 c of c? :thinking:

Thinking of using UAVHUB, they have a location near me.

Thank you for reading!


Just a thought why not get a Mini 2 for around the same outlay and ‘avoid’ the need for the CofC/GVC ?


Hi Liv

All of UAVHUB’s lessons are online now for the time being, the only thing face to face would be the flight test for the GVC. I’ve just done the A2CoC and am in the process of doing the GVC, like you there might be some use for it in my job shortly, so I’ll need it anyway.
If you need any help with the exam, let me know and I’ll go through it with you.


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Curious and to keep conversation going, why would you need it ?

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I might be asked by the college to demonstrate drone surveying to the civil engineering students, I’ve already taken one of my Inspires and a Phantom 4 Pro in for them to look at. I’ve got the Bentley software on my college laptop to use if I need it. We have professional drone pilots come in to demonstrate, but they’re not always available when we need them.


Probably reason enough to do the GVC in that example.

If you’re not going to use the it straight away it may be worth holding back, 6 months ago they were all in the £500-£750 bracket, the training market really is a race to the bottom, especially given the current climate and the availability of all the online material already out there.

I’d wager we see a sub £250 GVC before the summer.

Good luck


I’m 80% through the lessons already Chris, cost me £299 in the Black Friday sale. It’s not much different to the A2CoC lessons actually, just a bit deeper. The material is more focussed on the reasons why you do/don’t do something, whereas the A2 was “you do/don’t do this”, but not so technically in depth like the PFCO was. Simplified, not simple!
Hopefully, if this work comes off, it’ll get me experience of being on site, and doing the professional work without all of the messing about getting permissions or jobs from companies.


Only £299 currently.

UAVHub have a trial GVC course to see if it is of interest. They also have one for the A2 CofC.

The A2CofC - it’s given by the training provider and is not assessed by the CAA.

Mini 2? Well because I have a MA2.

@Hotrodspike Yeah, it’s a plus to have UAVHUB not too far away for the flight test itself. Having the theory all online and being able to work through as and when is great especially with fitting it around work. Another point towards me wondering if I should just get it bought. Thanks for the insight between A2CoC and GVC plus the trial - I’ll try and take a look at that tomorrow.

Good point on the prices most likely dropping. It was £450 for both before the Xmas sale.

Ok so, for or against GVC?

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Currently £299 on UAVHUB Chris.

EDIT, Whoops, already been said. Sorry.

I have just started my GVC

But just wondering if anyone had completed it etc. and how you found it / the practical etc.

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Hi mate,

I’ve did all my study with UAVHUB and have passed the exam. Flight asessement on hold right now for obvious reasons :disappointed:


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Thanks. I have also just started with them.

Hopefully as good as the A2 CofC

I didn’t find a huge difference in content between the two to be honest.


Exam booked for 12th Feb. UAVHUB has just uploaded a new “Fast Track” version onto my dashboard, so I’ve started again on that one, although I’d finished all of the original lessons.


Considering this too.

Thinking that Considering the cost of the course it’s worth just as a qualification if nothing else.


I was thinking the same.

However, while I see the cost of the course is quite low these days, can anyone explain what the ongoing cost of maintaining a valid, current GVC is?

I’d be curious on this from the perspective of if you were actually pursuing commercial work as well as from the perspective of thinking of getting it now for the future but had no current use for it. I know about the hours requirement but was curious as to whether there were any other costs.