Had a day out in llandudno

We found llandudno the other week, never fancied it before…loved it! Going back for a week in August​:grin:. If you go, you gotta on them toboggans on the Great Orme, they look like kiddies slides, but man, try going down them without using the brake​:grin::grin::grin:.
Enjoy the vid anyways, as always give us a subscribe if ya feeling generous and I’ll do back :+1:. Cheers


I can agree, used to go up Great Orme when visiting my mate in St Asaph and as we both have a competative nature, it was the quickest down got out of buying the round. Sadly I paid for the drinks more often than not! :laughing:

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We’re going back in August, can’t wait to have another spin on them👍

It’s a lovely town, I spent a week there couple years ago. If you have time, Caernarfon Castle is just a short drive away. The town itself around the castle is nice too.

Great video.
We will be visiting Llandudno in August to see friends. Hopefully, I’ll have my new drone by then… although, I very much doubt the footage I’ll get will be anywhere near as good as that. Haha.
I may try and spend a day in Betws-y-Coed and try and follow some of the river.

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Thanks, much appreciated :+1:, we’re going to try and go to Betws-y-Coed ourselves aswell as Caernarfon in August when we stay for a week. There’s also Conway Castle literally a stones throw away from llandudno, that’s getting a fly around. North Wales is just beautiful place all round.
By the way, the shots really are just simple ones,nothing epic, I’ve just faffed about with them in post a little👍, thanks anyway