Had a squeaky bum moment :/

After abit of advise… took my Mavic pro 2 out yesterday evening and apart from being overcast… the conditions was normal. Took it abit higher than I’d normally fly (217ft) and was 1,151ft away from me and then lost control of it. The signal dropped out and the drone just carried on moving forward. Video on my phone was frozen and it just beeped away saying lost connection. After 30 seconds or so it it returned to home and landed under it’s own steam. Being the first time this has happened and never trying the RTH function I had a moment and nearly dropped a nugget :confused:
Any ideas why this would have happened?


In the words of Richard Hammond,

“I think a little bit of poo came out!”



No idea why but I have had the same experience (strangely enough talking about it in a different topic as you were typing your post). Mine, I think may have been related to a nearby army base that is involved in drone warfare. The aircraft started jumping around then retraced it’s steps to a previous waypoint before initiating RTH.

Since then I have always ensured that the aircraft has acquired a fix on the home point before sending it out into the wicked wide world. And I test the function from time to time by pressing the RTH at the end of a mission.

Otherwise it’s “Sixpence, shilling, dustbin lid” at one end and a shouted “OH, ****!” at the other as the aircraft disappears over the horizon :frowning:


I did think about if something may have taken over as it carried on moving forward for a while after I’d lost control. I had set the home point before take off and hovered about 35ft before moving off… the flight video seemed to capture it all and was a smooth turn around when it felt ready and came back. Have looked at the flight data which shows the warnings… but still cant work out why :frowning:

Any airdata links to share ?

The Mavic 2 does fly on for a while when it lose signal to the controller. Sure it’s about 3 seconds. It does feel like someone has taken control.

But would be good to see the flight records.

I have the flight logs on my phone and have uploaded to Airdata… just not sure how I share them ?

It carried on going at slow speed for about 20-30 seconds :confused: I was more concerned it was gunna take a plunge somewhere it wasnt welcome lol

Go to air date and take a screenshot

Is this the right screen ?

Go into sensors, signal map

Looks like you had a complete signal loss. We’re you behind trees or anything like that?

Apart from that, can’t help. Looks like there shouldn’t be any interference where the drone was. What about whee you were?
We’re you stood in a wifi strong signal spot?

Where is this Rob,did not know we had any airbases near us involved in “drone warfare”??? Thorney island??? :wink: :wink:

Mmm there is a pretty large tree to the side where I stand. But still had the drone in direct site. One thing I’ve noticed when looking close at the flight map… there is electricity lines running along just the other side of the trees to the left… could they have caused enough interference as i dont believe it was far away enough from me to have reduced the signal. All batteries on remote and drone were fully charged before flight… so rules out battery strength

Could well be the electricity lines.
Could be you were behind the tree.

Here are a couple of flights on the same day within 5 minutes of each other.
I have no idea why I had the drop in signal.

Yeh that is a strange one consider the distance and path of the second image.
Think I’ll give the route another try when the winds ease off and see if I get the same result. Now i know it’s going to make it’s own way back, i wont have to go wipe :slight_smile:


Yep I got her straight back up and said “go on gal, you can do it.” Lol

The difference in distance was crazy. All I can think of was, I “think” I turned around as a train was passing on the railway track behind me. But I would have thought occusync was better than that.

Hey ho. Moral of the story, don’t take your eyes off the drone, even for 1 second.

“Oooooohhhh shiny…!” Lol.

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Thorney is home to two Royal Artillery regiments cloud punchers rather than drop shorts. (Surface to Air rather than conventional artillery).

They have been carrying out anti drone trials I am led to believe, following the Gatwick “drone closure” and also because at least one regt. has deployed drones in Afghanistan. There are other things going on there - Hayling residents are regularly disturbed by a number of helicopters overflying the island to land at Thorney in the early hours of the morning

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Thanks for that info Rob,had wandered,as i have seen a “more then normal” amount of twin rotor copters flying about,lately :wink: :+1: :+1: Chinook,s??