Hadleigh Castle, Essex

After yesterdays totally rubbish weather I caught a break today - clear blue skies, a slight wind but doable. I had to fly…

Popped down the Hadleigh Castle in Essex which is nearby and got some great shots from above and all over in general. All shots were shot within the drone code, non commercially and with the permission of the nearby airport control. Sadly had to pack up with a battery left over as the wind was getting far too sporty for me, but I’m happy with what I got for now :slight_smile:

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Welcome back @JayForceOne :smiley:

Amazing photos mate!!

Did you do much post editing on them?

Thanks for sharing, looks stunning :+1:

Ah I’ve been around…just no decent weather to fly…Also met a fellow Mavic pilot at the castle today and told him about this site so hopefully Stuart joins us soon!!

Cheers for the praise…I did a little editing in lightroom with them to give them some more pazazz, but not too much :slight_smile:

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