Hampshire meet - Saturday 23rd February 2019


Just a reminder, Hampshire GADC meet-up and fly about on private land, all welcome but let me know.

Will likely meet here first the travel to site a few mins away.

Sat 23rd feb, 14:00 meet up. PM me if you’re coming.

Co-op Food - Petrol West Wellow
Ower Bridge, Ower, Romsey SO51 6AS
023 8081 7100

Hampshire meet up - are you interested?
Hampshire meet up - are you interested?
Nearly a virgin Flier from Pompey

Glenn, I’ll pull your reminder in to a new thread as this one is nearly 100x posts long and four months old :+1:t2:


Just bumping this in case anyone that’s not already expressed an interest would like to join us next Saturday.


I think I’ve counted 8 of us so far, plus a couple of potential new members!

Should be a good showing!!


Weather looking OK-ish. Current forecast (not that I believe them!) is sunny and about 10mph winds, gusting 20 which might limit height.


Still looking good! … if you believe forecasts! … which I don’t. :stuck_out_tongue:



Still looking OK … if a tad more breezy …



Battery re-charging.

I’m happy to leave my car engine running (and have multiple 12v sockets) for car chargers.

I’ll also have an inverter with me for mains chargers.

I’ll have my MP chargers (car and mains) and an MP battery hub with me but, for anyone with non-MP batteries, bring either/both your chargers with you if you want a recharge.

Hopefully we can keep everyone flying in this excellent weather!

See you all later! :+1:


To all who are going have a great day gents

Think of me as i will be at a 5yr olds birthday party…


Hope you all had a good day!

Looking forward to the ensuing photos :smiley:

Is this now the biggest GADC meet thus far?


They will be in the pub watching the rugby


A brilliant afternoon! 9 people, all together!

Lots of flying by all!

Many thanks to @Longstride … who gets the Facilitator Badge for organising! :+1:

@Sky_scater, @oi69, @MadScientist, @Chann and @Sweetbaboo99 all get their Socialite Badge, too! :wink: :+1:


Great day guys! I’m glad everyone enjoyed it! Sure many more photos will follow!


Thanks it was definitely a nice outing guys ! Nice to meet! Here we are all in a row looking up at the sky trying to find a drone!.. :grinning:


Sounds like you Guys had a ball!.
Keeping up the GADC end here in Norfolk @Paul_M arranged a impromptu Meet at the same time here in Norfolk with @Simon_T and myself
I moseyed in earlier today, as my plans had changed for the day, so I tagged along!.
Looks like a well organised meet you Guys had!.


Excellent outing and great to put faces to names. Thanks to Glenn for organising.


Looked the ideal spot you found there Glenn, Well Done !


Truely excellent afternoon. Thanks to Glen for the invite onto the land and to all that helped me get my air off of the ground today for the first time.

Amazing to see some excellent and sometimes speedy drone flying. I have lots to learn.

Suprised how quickly the pictures are apearing here already. I remembered to turn my cameara to record on most flights and will look into them this evening.

Great to meet you all.

Thanks again



Thanks for organising Glenn and great to meet up with so many other members. I haven’t had chance to look at my MA photos yet but here’s a few from the ground


There was a lot of interest in Ian’s Inspire