Hampshire meet - Saturday 23rd February 2019


A few more


With so many models (Inspire, MP, M2P, Air) it was interesting to hear how different they all sound. :+1:


Again a big thanks to Glenn


@BrianB @Longstride Definitely agree. Thanks a lot. Enjoyed the time and company! Sure we’ll meet again soon for a flight


I think my Mavic Air was louder than the Inspire!


What a cracking day for it.
Some great pics posted, keep em coming


Thanks to Glenn for organising today and great meeting everyone. I’ll be putting the photos and video on to the Mac over the next day or so but in the meantime, a short slo mo clip straight out of the Osmo Pocket.


That’s incredibly clear Chris , an Osmo Pocket maybe soon on my birthday list!


Final post with group shots


Who’s who on that last photo there’s Brian?

Great pics so far guys :clap:t2:


Had trouble remembering everyone’s name!!!



I (Chann) am 2nd from left as you look at the pic.


From L to R

James (soon to be member?!)

I hope I got everyone right?!


:thinking: Spot on! …. I think! :wink:


Looks like a great day :sunny:, wish I could have made it as it was not too far from me. Maybe next time although my Phantom 2 might look a bit ancient amongst those nice new drones LOL


it would be as welcome as any other. :+1:

I might dust my P2 off for the next one.



Just a rough edit of todays GADC fun!


Great Video Glenn, really pissed that i could not make it, time was my enemy today, as I had to be back home by 6 pm to setup for a Function tomorrow.

But, you Guys looked like you had a ball !, great to see members do what we all enjoy, a chat, several flights and friendships made.
Well done all involved in today’s Meet !


That’s superb!!

Love @ 1:45 as the Air takes off and its shadow scoots across the ground like a thing possessed! :+1: