Hampshire meet - Saturday 23rd February 2019


Least of everyone - just 2 junctions of the M27 for me.



Brilliant job Brian!


Thought it made the video, wish I had more! :joy:


Well,we won’t talk about the little accident where a Mavic flew into the back of someone… what happens in Romsey, stays in Romsey! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Ooh, tell me more :thinking:


4.5km logged.


Excellent video @BrianB Brian.

Takes a special kind of eye to reconise and shoot such shots.


Just over 10.9km for me with the P4P in Cardiff Bay in the two hours we were there


This was in a field - with plenty of chatting.


Excuses :joy:
Don’t forget the carrying :rofl:


That was so good to watch! Nice vibe !


Thanks Stef


Thanks Chann - just a bit of fun


Thanks Glenn - I’m guessing a lot more good,stuff to come from the others


My video was distinctly non-cinematic. Totally lacked impact … almost.


And notice how much your shiny black Landrover was in shot!:joy:


I think that I will use the 5th amendment on this occasion :slight_smile: which apparently can be used to stop self incrimination :smile: :smile: :wink:


A couple of panoramas, the first ones I have ever taken with a drone.


A quick screen grab - 3 drones in the air.


That’ll be my MP just beyond the Inspire. :+1: