Hampshire meet - Saturday 23rd February 2019


Awwww, no thermal imaging??? :slightly_frowning_face:

Great video Glenn, thanks for sharing mate :smiley:


I was expecting to be presented with a 3D print of the group as we left. #SoDisappointed! :stuck_out_tongue:


Not yet Rich! But I’m on the case!

Anybody that missed today, if there’s interest I think we’ll try and host another in the future!


Nine is definitely a new record mate :clap:t2:


Great Video Glen

Not a deer in sight though :smile: :smile:


I would definitely be interested :crazy_face:, it would be a great chance to check out what my drone can really do :-):grinning:


always nice to see the Landing Pads out in force (and all the drones of course) !.
I seem to recall someone on here said that they were not “Fashionable” (or words to that effect.)
Looked the fashionable thing to me yesterday!.
Once again ,keep the pics/vids coming guys !.


After some discussion with the other committee members @Longstride - we are unanimous in agreeing that you went over and above in organising this, the largest GADC meet thus far :bowing_man:

Congratulations, the Over and Above badge is currently winging it’s way you profile :+1:t2:


100% agreed - was a great afternoon and, believe it or not, it was great to be able to spend more time chatting to other members than flying - or was that just me!!!


I thought you spent most of the time taking photos. :wink:


that too - and a few videos I am working on…


Another short Osmo Pocket slo mo. 2 x Mavic


That was my MP, too! :+1:


Thanks Rich and committee! I’m honoured and flattered! It was my pleasure and was great to see everybody having so much fun without needing to worry about permission and public etc. Great to see safe responsible flying and knowledge being shared between the group!

Thanks! Glenn!


A quick video of the meet from the ground and air! Just to say that it’s a quick edit and no colour correction, but if I didn’t get it done today it wasn’t going to happen for a while! Also now realised the limitations of using the Fuji xt2 for video with only lens IS!

As everybody waved at the end, I am hoping all are happy to be included. If that’s not the case, please let me know so I can change.



Love it! Great job @BrianB! Those great ground shots you took really tell the story of the day better than the handful of air shots I grabbed! Superb job mate!


Excellent video!!! … ruined only by that prat @ 1:07! :wink:


Nice video Brian.

I know some of you are new but you’ll have to show that bloke @ 9 and 1.05 that his Mavic will fly, he doesn’t have to just carry it about :rofl:


Plenty of mileage completed, yesterday! :wink:


Driving? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: