Hampshire meet up - are you interested?


Just looking to see who would be interested for a Hampshire meet up - location and dates to be arranged

From the members map and GDAC introductions I know a number may be interested

As we go into winter we are going to be in the lap of the weather gods but confirm if interested on this thread and we can see what we can arrange?


Hey from Southampton

And doing this as a result of conversations before the new meet up badges announced! :laughing:


Yeah right, I’m sure you are :rofl:


Subject to weather and probably equally annoying…my horrible shift pattern I would be interested. Although I have owned a drone since March ‘17 I am always keen to get hints and tips from more experienced flyers/videographers not least to include some decent, interesting yet quiet locations within travelling distance. Count me in.


Whereabouts in Hampshire? if a lot of you guys going I might be tempted to drive down from London, if i’m not working on that day.


Also where abouts in Hampshire, as I may come from Bournemouth?


I live near Hindhead and willing to travel south. I’m too new to the game to suggest flying sites near me. I’ve found a few small areas big enough for me to get some basic skills but with military ranges around me I have to look out for flak. Joking of course as the ranges are a NFZ.


Thanks everyone for the relies so far. I am thinking a location in central Hampshire might suit the majority - any suggestions?

Also I give a bit longer for a few more replies for others and then look to try and arrange


Thanks for initiating this. I would be prepared to travel from Salisbury subject to a suitable time and date.


I would be interested in a Hampshire meet-up :smiley:

As long as it would be close to a convenient railway station + taxi - I don’t have a car.
I am in Andover.

Location idea.
I have thought about going to Hengistbury head ( Bournemouth ) but have been putting it off for months.
Now the Winter is coming :thinking:.


Sorry. Been really busy with shit this last week.

Yes! Definitely! Great idea! Hopefully I’ll be able to participate. :+1:


Hmmm. Probably not the best place for a meetup … seeing as it’s not drone friendly (NT/English Heritage/or something?). One person can probably get a sneaky flight in, with care, without ruffling feathers / being noticed, but a meetup might not go without notice.

@AprilCoon is best to comment on that area.


Folks I’m keen! I might even be able to offer you a location on extensive private land and some interesting scenary to film (well woodlands and a vintage land rover!). Near Romsey. If we can agree a date (I’m away for next few weeks so late Nov?) I’ll get the permission my side. Crash to your heart’s content :slight_smile:


Yeah I have flown quite a lot at Hengistbury, the last time as I was packing up a young council park warden came up to me and said I couldn’t fly there, he was very polite and almost apologetic, I was flying from very close to the visitor centre so was pushing my luck I guess.

If you went up to the top at the far end overlooking the beach huts you would probably be ok. But as Dave said not a group, on your own you would be ok. I have flown from that spot and had a few people asking about it, so I explained there were CAA regulations we have to comply with and they were very friendly and even asked what a Mavic Pro would cost, so some interest was there.

Some nice shots to be had, would like to try to do some video, but haven’t tried much yet.


That sounds great. I am in Hedge End so just a short hop down the M27. Keep us informed. :+1:t2:


I’m only down in Worthing so i’d be up for this, i’ll keep an eye on this thread for dates and places.


Oh no! This is turning into the Hampshire Drone Club. Anyone fancy coming to Scotland?


Next summer, there’s a chance! :+1:


Just need to work out which week “next summer” will be … :wink:


Glenn, that sounds like a great offer if we can get a few people to come. Would you be able to offer any day of the week or weekends only?

Romney has a railway station so I am sure I could pick you up there